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Smart Cart :: The Definitive Piece of Horse Farm Equipment


The ultimate finish on your custom horse barn is the appearance and maintaining that appearance is no easy feat. But the Smart Cart™ can help you keep your horse stable looking fabulous. Finally, a world-class wheelbarrow for world-class equestrian facilities.

Not Your Average Wheelbarrow

Almost any stable chore is made easier with the ergonomically-correct Smart Cart™. The snap-out pans, easy-to-roll wheels and perfectly balanced load help barn staff move the earth while saving their backs. Plus, in a sport where the majority of participants are female, many of them children, the Smart Cart™ evens the playing field as far as barn work is concerned.

Higher Profits Through Efficiency

One of the largest expenses of horse ownership is in labor. Measured by time or money, it is a drain on any equestrian facility. In the struggle to make a horse boarding or training stable profitable, the Smart Cart™ is an invaluable tool.

The average horse produces 50 pounds of manure a day – that is more than nine tons a year and that does not even include the weight of soiled stall bedding. When you start to multiply that by the number of horses in your stable and the number of trips from the horse stalls to the manure pile you can see your bottom line quickly eroding. The Smart Cart™ can help cut your costs by improving your stable management practices, reducing the number of trips hauling things around the barn.

Reliable Farm Equipment

Unlike regular wheelbarrows, the Smart Cart™ is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to wear from water, sunlight, fertilizers and even the corrosive acidity of horse urine. No more rusted, leaking wheelbarrows leaving a trail of horse manure behind them or needing to be repaired or replaced every year.

The Smart Cart™ will be the single most important piece of farm equipment in your barn. Among its multiple uses:

Smart Cart™ Multiple Uses ::
Moving Hay Bales

Fact: The average square hay bale weighs at least 50 pounds and most horses, whether spending the majority of their time in a stall or not, will need their diets supplemented with at least that much hay everyday.

The Smart Cart™ can easily move multiple bales of hay, saving your stable staff the trouble of carrying bales around.


Fact: Most horses eat at least 2 meals of grain a day. Lesson and performance horses consume several pounds of grain several times a day.

The Smart Cart™ is particularly useful in lesson barns, where Smart Cart™ full of grain can be swiftly pushed down the barn aisle as employees feed each horse their daily meals, eliminating the need for multiple feed buckets and keeping the stable floor clutter-free.

Emptying Water Buckets

Fact: Your horses will drink 10 – 12 gallons of water every day.

The Smart Cart™ helps when automatic waterers can’t. Waterers break down, horses can not be trusted to use them - a million reasons will force you to keep buckets of fresh water available to your horses. With the Smart Cart™, barn workers can deftly empty and move gallons of water in a single trip.

Arena Equipment

Fact: Most riding arenas are filled with jump standards, poles, barrels and other training equipment that needs to be moved on a regular basis and there is nothing more frustrating than having your ride disrupted by having to move these items.

The Smart Cart™ lets you forget ‘walking’ cumbersome jumping standards across great distances or dragging jumping poles around. Just load up the Smart Cart™ and go.

Manure Spreader

Fact: Disposing of the tons of manure a horse produces every year is not only a hassle, it is also expensive. One of the most cost-effective methods of manure management is spreading it. 

The Smart Cart™ comes with an optional towing attachment so it can instantly be converted into a trailer-barrow. Hook it onto the back of your tractor or all-terrain vehicle with the convenient hitch and it can easily be tipped back from the driver’s seat. Once the Smart Cart™ is emptied, it automatically latches back into towing position.