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scotts classic push reel mower

Scotts Classic 20" Push Mower :: a Quality Cut for Your Backyard

20 inch cutting width. 1-3 inch adjustable cutting height. 5-spider, 5-blade ball bearing reel. Heat treated blades. More about the Scotts Classic >

Scotts Classic Push Reel MowerSmartCart WheelbarrowsSnow Wolf Snow ShovelCompostio Kitchen Composters, formerly NatureMill

a Year of testing ::
we choose these Composters

We reviewed over 20 composters before choosing our composter line. What sets these composters apart is their ease of use and faster composting times. However we go one step further in choosing durable and easy to assemble systems that will be hard working garden tools for years (arduous assembly knocked out quite a few).

With the addition of the popular Green Cone Composting System, we now carry a line of top quality composters including the Sunmar Continuous Composter Line, and more.

sunmar composter

Sunmar Composting Line

  • Continuous composting -no waiting for batches to finish.
  • Compost discharges automatically when ready.
  • 3 sizes, all easy!
  • Pest-proof, kid-friendly, and good-looking.
  • Sun-Mar is the acknowledged leader in composting toilets and technology for over 30 years.

solar composter

The Green Cone System:

  • The install and forget it composter!
  • Empty it once a year or so.
  • No turning, maintenance, or distribution.
  • 90% of composted material is absorbed right into the ground. Clever hey.
  • Handles kitchen waste from an average family of 4. Even meat and bones.


  Comparing Push Reel Mowers : Guides to Help  

brill luxus 38 reel mower and accu pushmower comparision charts

Sure you want a reel mower but can't decide which one :: check out our Push Mower Comparison Chart.

Deciding between Sunlawn and Brill Reel Mowers : check out our Brill verses Sunlawn comparison charts.

Or just read what Reel Mower Owners say...

reel mowing and the brill luxus accu blade 
What is a Reel Mower anyway?

Reel mowers do a superior job of cutting because they shear the grass rather than tear it as a rotary mower does, causing tip browning. So you ask: what is a Reel Blade anyway?

  Yard Cleanup Time? Here's Help...  
  Bagz-itThis versatile rolling cart really has to be used to understand how much time and energy it will save you. Rake right into the LG Bagz-it folding lawn and leaf cart. The cart can hold leaf bags inside and folds flat for easy storage. Use it for hauling everything from toys to wood. More Details >

push lawn sweeperRaking is the number one "hard-on-your back" activity in the yard. Since a few of us here have regular "back issues" we were motivated to find a durable and light sweeper for fall cleanup. our Push Lawn Sweeper are available in 2 sizes, with options for bigger bales of leaves.

haaga push sweeperThe new for 2009 Haaga sweepers give you the power to clean any hard surface – Patios, Driveways or Decks. Al Gore would approve - no air pollution, noise pollution or energy consumption

  Consumer Info : Choose A Reel with Ever-Sharp Blades  

brill reel blades - compare push reel mower blades The Sunlawn mowers, the Razorcut 38 and the Accu ASM380 blades have a silent (non-contact) cutting method. This superior technology means Sunlawn and Brill blades never need sharpening. Spend less time, money, and hassle re-sharpening your reel blades. In fact, when you calculate how much money is saved by never having to sharpen your mower blades, the Brill 38 reel mower costs even less than the most inexpensive mowers.

  Environment :: Be Good!  
  push mowing is healthier for the environment  

Mowing your lawn with the Razorcut 38 push reel mower or the Sunlawn EM2 cordless electric mower is better for the air, better for the grass, and better for you. See astounding statistics regarding pollution caused by gas mowing. It's time to stop struggling with a hard-to-start, noisy, polluting gasoline powered mowers...