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     home composters

The Reviews are in :: Our Top Composters


We tested over 20 composters these past few years before choosing our composter line. What sets these composters apart is their ease of use and faster composting times. However we go one step further in choosing durable and easy to assemble systems that will be hard working garden tools for years (arduous assembly knocked out quite a few).

With the addition of the popular Green Cone Composting System, we now carry a line of top quality composters including:



Sunmar 200 Continuous Composter   Sunmar 400 Continuous Composter   The Green Cone No-turn Composter   The Green Johanna Compost Bin

Sunmar 200 Continuous Composter


Sunmar 400 Continuous Composter


The Green Cone No-turn Composter


The Green Johanna Compost Bin

+ $100 shipping


+ $175 shipping


+ $65 shipping


+ $70 shipping

The Sunmar 200 is perfect for hobby gardeners with kitchen scraps and general yard waste. The compact size is perfect for any yard.


The mid-size Sunmar 400 is suitable for general yard waste or the serious gardener with kitchen waste and garden trimmings.


The Green Cone Composter is the solution composting kitchen scraps without dealing with regular turning and distributing of compost.


The Green Johanna Compost Bin is a year-round outdoor composter designed to be rodent proof and well insulated.

Capacity :: 50 gallons


Capacity :: 100 gallons


Capacity :: 58 gallons


Capacity :: 87 gallons

Weight :: 38 lbs


Weight :: 60 lbs


Weight :: 35 lbs


Weight :: 22 lbs

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The Soil Saver Backyard Composter   Can-O-Worms Worm Farm   Stainless Steel Compost Pail    

The Soil Saver Backyard Composter


The Can-O-Worms
Worm Farm


Stainless Steel Compost Pail


+ $25 shipping


+ $29 shipping


+ $10 shipping


The SoilSaver Backyard Composter makes it easy to turn yard waste and food scraps into compost - black gold for your garden.


The Can-O-Worms worm farm is user friendly and easy to operate for all ages. It can be left on a balcony or in a laundry for apartment dwellers.


This Stainless Steel Compost Pail is perfect for collecting food scraps for your compost pile. You'll tell visitors about the benefits of composting when they ask what it is.


Capacity :: 86 gallons


Capacity :: depends on number of worms


Capacity :: 1 gallon



Weight :: 27 lbs


Weight :: 13.1 lbs


Weight :: N/A



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