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Which Composter is Right for You?


People Powered Machines knows composting is important to the environment and great for your garden. We look at many different composters and choose the ones we think are the best in their class. If you are trying to decide which composter is just right for what you are looking for, see the compare chart below.

Composter Compare Chart:

  Sun-Mar 200 Continuous Composter Green Cone Composting System Solar Cone Green Johanna Compost Bin bioCOMpet Home Pet Waste Composter Can-o-worms Stainless Steel Compost Pail
  Sunmar 200 Composting Green Cone Composting System Solarcone Green johanna compost bin bioCOMpet pet waste composter Can-o-worms composter Stainless Steel compost pail
Weight 15.2 pounds 35 pounds 22 pounds 22 pounds 13.1 pounds N/A
Type Rotating drum Green Cone - recycled plastic Large Bin - durable plastic (last 10 yrs or more) Outdoor Pet Waste container Large round containter with layered trays + a collector tray Compost Pail, with filter
How it Works Compost Material goes in the top and exits automatically out the end as the drum rotates Buried open basket allows aeration + breakdown with heat from the sun Unique venitlated, closed, hot composting system Items remain in upper chamber, with "hot composting" conditions: mixing, air flow, heat, + moisture Large container filled with soil, with several hundred worms which eat their way up leaving rich castings behind + liquid fertiziler. Used for collecting compost in the kitchen then taking to your outdoor composter
  • Rotate regularly
  • add moisture if dry
  • keep in sun for warmth
  • choose a sunny spot w/ good drainage
  • place in sunny spot
  • empty basket of compost every 1-2 years
  • add 8" of twigs for bottom layer for aeration
  • garden + kitchen waste
  • place among trees on soil or grass
  • add waste any time to top
  • internal temperature: 160 degrees F.
  • produce fresh compost in just 2 weeks
  • place in shaded outdoor location or basement
  • moisten dry material before adding
  • read instructions before adding manure
  • Carbon filter keeps smells contained
  • keep lid on when not filling
  • can rinse or reuse filter
What to Add
  • kitchen waste
  • yard waste
  • sawdust, leaves, straw
  • kitchen waste
  • animal products like meat + fish
  • garden + kitchen waste (2:1 ratio)
  • add sawdust if only kitchen scraps
  • meat, fish, dairy, food remains, pet waste and bioDOGradable compostable pet waste bags
  • food waste
  • newspaper
  • cardboard
  • water
  • kitchen waste
capacity 50 gallon. 7 cu. ft.   4 gallon per week depends on number of worms 1 gallon
Who uses hobby gardener w/ kitchen scraps + yard waste Avg. family of 4 avg. family of 5 avg. family of 5 down to 1 individual avg. family avg. family
size of unit 31"h x 33"l x 24" 27"h x 24"w x 11.5" 38"h x 36"w x 21"top 20"h x 20"d x 12"w 29"h x 20"w 11"h x 7"w
composting time   about 1 year 4-6 mths 2 weeks few months to get started, then continuous N/A
need to stir or turn? turn no stir no no N/A
Options sun-mar 400: 100 gallon capacity
sun-mar 600: 150 gallon capcity
compost boost + kitchen caddy included winter jacket   worms replacement filters available
  compare all sumar models more info more info more info more info more info


Drum-style Composting
TheSunmar Continuous Compostersare very easy to use with the material going in the top and exiting through the end when done. Regularly rotating and you'll have compost for your garden in no time.

Pet Waste Composting
Our recommended composter for converting your pet droppings into compost is thebioCOMpet Home Pet Waste Composter

Worm Farms
TheCan-O-Wormsworm farm is versatile and easy to use and fun for all ages. The Can-O-Worms will reduce the amount you have for your trash and product fertilizer for your garden.