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The Why's + How's of Composting


Study Proves: Compost Helps Fight Off Plant Diseases!

"A study commissioned by the Waste & Resources Action Plan (WRAP) looked at recent research into almost 50 types of disease affecting plants and concludes the evidence that compost made from garden or food waste helps suppress all manner of wilts, rots and turf disease is overwhelming." Read more...

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Landfills contain more food and paper waste than diapers, styrofoam, and tires - combined.
  • Our society recycles more and more each year. But due to rising personal consumption and overall population growth, total annual landfill waste is still increasing.



tips + faqs ::

General Composting FAQ's

  • What is the difference between mulch and compost?
    Only the degree of decomposition. Mulch contains partially broken down ingredients and the breakdown of materials is not yet completed. Compost is the final stage of decomposition and is homogenous and looks like a rich brown soil.
  • Why mulch instead of compost?
    Most gardeners want mulch not compost (soil) Mulch is simply added on top of the garden bed in a thick layer 10 - 30 cms. deep. This helps to retain the moisture in the soil and protect the surface roots of the plants. It discourages weed growth and is a source of food to attract worms.
  • Why is my compost lumpy?
    This usually happens when the bin has not been turned often enough. Tumble the bin every two or three days. As the contents fall from top to bottom they hit the breaker bar across the middle which helps to break up lumps. Remedy the problem by adding shredded newspaper or empty the bin and dig into the garden and start again.
  • Why is my compost wet and heavy?
    Vegetable scraps have a high proportion of water. If you have used more than about 25% in proportion to grass cuttings, this may be the problem. Fix it by adding shredded newspaper. Alternatively empty the bin and dig it into your garden and start again.
  • Why does my compost smell?
    A foul smell indicates that anaerobic decomposition (without oxygen)is taking place. It can be caused by not tumbling sufficiently and aerating the ingredients. Or it may be due to too much moisture (see previous question) or it may be a combination of both. In some cases it may be due to not putting the compost bin in a sunny position. Heat is an important part of the decomposition process. The only remedy is to empty the contents and start again.
  • Why is my compost hot?
    This is not a problem. Heat is required for decomposition and it indicates that your compost is "cooking" beautifully!

Sunmar Composters

  • Rotate the drum regularly
  • Add moistureb
  • Keep the composter warm (the sun usually does the job)
  • For the richest result, mix kitchen waste, yard waste, and brown waste (sawdust, dry leaves, straw)

Green Cone No-Turn Composter

  • Is the Green Cone System easy to use?
    Yes, very. In your kitchen, fill the Green Cone caddy or other transport bucket with all your organic kitchen waste. When convenient, empty the caddy into the Green Cone in your garden.
  • Can I use chemical activators as well?
    No. Chemicals can kill or disrupt the bacteria breaking down the food waste. The only activator that is recommended for use is the all-natural Green Cone Accelerator Powder.
  • Where should I install the Green Cone?
    The ideal location for the Green Cone is a sunny, close-at-hand spot like a flowerbed or vegetable garden. For best results, avoid cold, dark, wet places in the yard.
  • More Green Cone FAQ's...

Tumbleweed Composters

  • How long does it take Tumbleweed to make compost?
    The Tumbleweed Compost Bin can produce four loads of compost for every one produced by traditional methods. To produce compost in four weeks almost fill the compost tumbler and tumble every two to three days. During summer and the growing season this is the most commonly used method. If you do not have sufficient material to fill the compost bin, just keep adding ingredients and tumble the compost bin over a period of time. It will take a further two weeks to produce compost after adding the last lot of material. This method is most commonly used in winter.
  • Most organic waste can be composted.
    For best results mix 75% lawn clippings with 25% other materials. Use leaves, vegetable scraps, tea leaves, fruit peelings, coffee grounds, vacuum dust and crushed eggshells. Chopping and shredding larger items speeds up the process. The more uniform in size the quicker the decomposition process.
  • More Tumbleweed Tips...

NatureMill Composters



  • What is a worm farm?
    A worm farm is like a potted plant, only without the plant. It’s a large container filled with soil, with drainage holes in the bottom and a lid to keep out the rain. Living in the soil are several hundred worms.
  • Kitchen scraps (teabags, potato peelings, eggshells and so on) are put in the top, and the worms convert this into nutrient-rich fertilizer. These can then be added to your vegetable garden, and the process starts again.
  • reel mower pdf manual Can-O-Worms FAQ's

RolyPig Composter

  • The most effective microbes for converting organic wastes to high-quality compost are aerobic microbes. "Aerobic" means they consume oxygen. A soggy compost pile does not have enough oxygen to support your microbes. A long way of saying, add your kitchen wastes "wet but not soggy" and you will have active microbes (which also prevent foul odors). Not sure what "wet" means? Think lightly moist, like a wrung-out sponge.
  • Soak up excess moisture in your kitchen waste bucket by placing a layer of torn-up newspaper or even computer paper in the bottom of the bucket and empty this newspaper into the Rolypig with the rest of the waste.
  • Conversely, excessively dry materials should be well wetted.
  • More RolyPig Composter tips...



manuals + info ::

Sunmar Composters

Green Cone No-Turn Composter

Tumbleweed Composters

NatureMill Composters


RolyPig Composter


We tested over 20 composters these past few years before choosing our composter line. What sets these composters apart is their ease of use and faster composting times. However we go one step further in choosing durable and easy to assemble systems that will be hard working garden tools for years (arduous assembly knocked out quite a few).

With the addition of the popular Green Cone Composting System, we now carry a line of 5 top quality composters including the Sunmar Continuous Composter Line, the Tumbleweed Composter, NatureMill Electric Indoor Composter, and the educational RolyPig Composter.


Sunmar Composting Line

  • Continuous composting -no waiting for batches to finish.
  • Compost discharges automatically when ready.
  • 3 sizes, all easy!
  • Pest-proof, kid-friendly, and good-looking.
  • Sun-Mar is the acknowledged leader in composting toilets and technology for over 30 years.
  • Starting at $310 plus Shipping
more about the Sunmar line...

Tumbleweed Composter

  • This is our only batch-style composter (meaning you have to stop adding materials for a couple weeks while the batch matures).
  • Heads above all the other tumble type composters (and easy to assemble....some others took hours!)
  • Produces compost in 1/4 the time of traditional methods.
  • Just a spin a day.
  • Pest-free, sturdy, meets our testing standards!
  • $189 plus $30 Shipping
more about Tumbleweed Composters...

The Green Cone System:

  • The install and forget it composter!
  • Empty it once a year or so.
  • No turning, maintenance, or distribution.
  • 90% of composted material is absorbed right into the ground. Clever hey.
  • Handles kitchen waste from an average family of 4. Even meat and bones.
  • $125 plus $55 Shipping
more about The Green Cone System...

NatureMill Electric Composter Line

  • Dual chamber design means no batches, continously makes compost.
  • Compost automatically discharged when ready.
  • Indoor users no longer need to make that daily trip to the compost bin.
  • Great solution for city living and apartment and condo residents who want to stop sending all that kitchen waste to the dump.
  • Can be used indoors or out
  • Plugs into a standard power outlet.
  • 50 cents a month to run. 10 watts of power.
  • Starting at $299 plus $30 Shipping
more about the NatureMill Composter...


  • Easy harvesting of castings (worm poo).
  • Worms eat their way up leaving their rich castings behind, readily removed, free of worms.
  • Liquid fertiliser is also produced and dispensed through a tap.
  • Fly and pest proof.
  • The Can-O-Worms stands on five sturdy legs.
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic.
  • $114 plus $29 Shipping
more about the Can-O-Worms...
Soil Saver Backyard Composter

The Soil Saver Backyard Composter

  • Insulating UV-resistant foam construction holds in the heat.
  • Watering holes in the lid keeps compost moist and healthy.
  • Large capacity serves a household of up to 5 people.
  • Locking lid keeps critters out.
  • Two-foot-square top opening makes it easy to fill and mix.
  • Two sliding bottom-access doors allow easy compost harvesting.
  • Easy to assemble; no tools required.
  • $114 plus $25 Shipping
more about the Soil Saver Composter...

The RolyPig Composter :

  • The easy and fun way to make compost!
  • Aerates effortlessly and continuously.
  • Continuous Flow System - no more batches!
  • Durable, high quality materials & five year warranty.
  • Kid friendly - include your children in the composting cycle.
  • Introductory Price $229!
more about The RolyPig Composter...

composting in education

  • Are you an educator? We can help you bring the RolyPig into to your school curriculum.
    more info...
  • Greenfox Schools is an environmental consultant providing solutions to help schools go green. Greenfox meets directly with a school to perform an audit, then writes a report specific to the school’s needs. more info...



Industrial Compost Consulting