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Push Reel Mowers

Benefits of Push Reel Mowers

Introduction to Push Reel Mowers

As part of our commitment at People Powered Machines to provide environmentally friendly lawn care solutions, we're big proponents of push reel mowers. These mowers, unlike their gas-powered counterparts, offer a quieter, greener option for maintaining your lawn. Not only do they reduce carbon emissions, but they also produce a cleaner cut, fostering a healthier lawn ecosystem.

Benefits of Push Reel Mowers

The Environmental Advantage

One of the standout benefits of push reel mowers is their minimal environmental impact. Given that they are powered by human effort, they emit zero pollutants. This is a stark contrast to gas-powered mowers, which contribute significantly to air pollution. Choosing a push reel mower is a simple yet powerful way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Health and Safety Benefits

Using push reel mowers also promotes physical health through the exercise involved in mowing. Furthermore, these mowers are considerably quieter than their motorized counterparts, reducing noise pollution and making for a more serene outdoor experience. With no gas or oil to handle, they're also safer, eliminating the risk of spills and fumes.

Choosing the Right Push Reel Mower

Selecting the perfect push reel mower for your lawn involves considering several factors. Blade width, number of blades, and adjustable cutting heights are key features that will affect your mowing experience. For instance, our Scott's Classic 20" Reel Mower comes highly recommended for its versatility and efficiency on different grass types and yard sizes.

Optimizing Your Mowing Experience

Maintenance Tips

  • Regularly sharpen the blades to ensure a clean cut.
  • Adjust the cutting height according to the grass type and desired lawn length.
  • Clean the mower after use to maintain its condition and functionality.

Remember, the key to a beautifully maintained lawn with a push reel mower lies in regular upkeep. A little effort goes a long way in keeping both the mower and your lawn in top shape.

Integrating Push Reel Mowers into Your Lawn Care Routine

Integrating a push reel mower into your lawn care routine can revitalize your approach to yard maintenance. These mowers are best suited for small to medium-sized lawns that are relatively flat. For those with larger or more challenging terrain, consider supplementing your lawn care with a gas-powered reel mower for tough spots and using the push reel mower for the majority of the yard. This hybrid approach ensures efficiency while maintaining an environmentally conscious stance.

Personal Experiences with Push Reel Mowers

A Personal Anecdote

I remember the first time I switched to a push reel mower for my small backyard. The sense of satisfaction from powering the mower through my own effort, coupled with the absence of noise and fumes, was transformative. It turned mowing from a chore into a meditative, eco-friendly practice. My lawn has never looked better, and I can't imagine going back to a gas-powered mower.

Community Feedback

Our customers frequently share stories of how switching to push reel mowers has not only improved the health of their lawns but also increased their enjoyment of lawn maintenance. From seasoned gardeners to environmentally conscious families, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing the benefits of these simple yet effective tools.


At People Powered Machines, we believe in the power of sustainable, human-powered lawn care solutions. Push reel mowers are a testament to the potential for traditional methods to meet modern environmental challenges, offering a viable alternative to their gas-guzzling counterparts. By choosing a push reel mower, you're not just caring for your lawn; you're taking a step towards a healthier planet. We invite you to explore our range of push reel mowers and join the growing number of eco-conscious homeowners revolutionizing their lawn care routines.

Integrating Push Reel Mowers into Your Lawn Care Routine

Are push reel mowers any good?

Absolutely, push reel mowers are excellent for several reasons. They are remarkably effective at giving your lawn a precise cut, thanks to their scissor-like cutting action, which promotes healthier grass. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions and operating quietly compared to gas-powered mowers. Many of our customers find using these mowers not just beneficial for their lawns but also for their physical health, enjoying the mild exercise and the peace that comes from mowing in silence. It's a win-win; you're contributing to a healthier planet while keeping your lawn looking pristine.

Why did people stop using reel mowers?

With the advent of gas-powered mowers, many shifted away from push reel mowers due to the convenience and speed that motorized options offered. The idea of 'saving time' became a significant selling point as yards became larger and leisure time more valued. However, what was overlooked in this transition was the environmental impact and the quality of cut. Today, as more people become environmentally conscious, there's a renewed interest in push reel mowers, recognizing that these timeless tools offer a cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable way to care for their lawns.

What are the cons of a reel mower?

While push reel mowers have several advantages, they're not without their drawbacks. For one, they require a bit more physical effort, especially on larger lawns or those with uneven terrain. They also tend to struggle with tall or thick weeds. Since they rely on the user's motion to cut, if the grass is too tall or dense, it can be difficult to push the mower through it. Consequently, they are best suited for smaller, well-maintained lawns. However, many find these challenges a small price for the benefits of a quieter, eco-friendly mowing experience.

Why do reel mowers cut better?

Reel mowers cut better because they use a scissor-like cutting action to snip the grass cleanly. This method is far superior to the tearing action of rotary blades found in gas-powered and electric mowers, which can damage the grass and leave it susceptible to disease. The clean cut of a reel mower promotes healthier, thicker, and more resilient grass. It's quite like giving your lawn a precise haircut, encouraging better growth and a greener appearance. Many lawn care enthusiasts and professionals swear by the quality of cut provided by reel mowers.

How should one maintain their push reel mower for longevity?

Maintaining a push reel mower is relatively simple but crucial for ensuring its longevity and cutting efficiency. Regularly sharpening the blades is paramount; dull blades can pull at the grass rather than cut it cleanly. It's also important to adjust the cutting height as needed for your lawn type and desired length, ensuring an even cut. After each use, cleaning the mower to remove grass clippings and potential debris will prevent rust and keep the blades moving smoothly. With these straightforward maintenance steps, your push reel mower can serve your lawn beautifully for many years.

Can push reel mowers handle different types of grass?

Push reel mowers are versatile and can indeed handle a variety of grass types, from fine fescues to thick Bermuda grass, provided that the lawn is kept at an appropriate height. The key to success is regular mowing, as letting grass grow too long can make pushing the mower through the lawn more challenging. For optimal performance across different grass types, selecting a mower like our Scott's Classic 20" Reel Mower, which offers adjustable cutting heights and a wider blade width, can make all the difference. This adaptability ensures you get a clean, even cut, no matter the grass type in your garden.


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  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - The CDC highlights the health benefits of using push reel mowers, including the physical exercise involved and the reduction in noise pollution.
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