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Spruce Creek Rainsaver Rain Barrel

Spruce Creek Rainsaver

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More Benefits Spruce Creek Rainsaver :: Designed...Not Adapted

Rainsaver rain barrel top view

Convenience: By placing the rainsaver in your backyard or garden landscape an easily accessible supply of water is available for various garden chores. The rainsaver arrives fully assembled for quick set-up.

A Garden Artifact: The combination of color, shape, texture and graphics are designed to complement the surrounding landscape. The attributes of the rainsaver are intended to enhance the overall esthetic garden and yard design among plants, rocks, buildings, fences and walls.

Easy Set-Up: Cut the existing downspout about 46 inches from the ground, and add a 60 degree elbow to the end. Now just place the rainbarrel so water will land anywhere within the recessed top. Water will collect on the top surface and funnel into the barrel through the screened intake opening. The downspout does not need to be placed directly over the screens, or directly into the barrel (this enables easier set-up, and filters debris from the downspout water).

Stormwater Management: By replacing the 6 ft. overflow hose with a longer length, excess rainwater can be diverted to beds, gardens or lawns for trickle watering. Simply use standard sump pump hose (inexpensive and available at most hardware stores) and drill or perforate in desired dispersion areas.

Functional and Durable: This fully assembled, one piece product provides easy set-up, durability and structural strength. Access points are provided at two different heights for attaching the spigot to either location for dispensing, and an adapter is provided for attaching a hose directly to the barrel if desired.


This barrel was created to catch rainwater. Keep 54 gallons of fresh, quality water at hand for your garden at all times, refilled everytime it rains. Collected water is stored at optimum temperatures and chemical free conditions that plants prefer. The Rainsaver rain barrel is useful and convenient, and overcomes many of the functional problems of earlier rain barrels.

  • Screens are used to prevent insect entryRainsaver available in Moss Green and Terra Cotta
  • Closed designs reduce evaporation while providing safety for children, pets and wildlife
  • Excess water can be directed to a specific garden, yard, or distant runoff
  • Built to withstand blistering sun, frigid cold, and the deteriorating forces of nature for years to come

Collect water when it's abundant...use it when it's not

Rainfall is rarely consistant and rainwater recovery manages weather extremes to benefit homeowners, communities, and the environment.

Strategically placed rainsavers can help prevent excessive runoff during storms and provide an ample and renewable source of water for home and garden needs.

Spruce Creek Rainsaver Rain Barrel

  • 5-Year Guarantee
  • Capacity 54 gallons, weight 20 pounds
  • Fully assembled for easy setup
  • Height 36 inches, diameter 23 inches
  • Two dispensing points allow simultaneous hose & spigot access
  • Brass threaded spigot and other high-quality components will withstand harsh weather and wear for years
  • Screened automatic overflow and six foot diverter hose (can be extended to almost any length with standard sump pump hose)
  • Connect two or more barrels together (via overflow hose) with our linking adaptor (Cost $15.00 including delivery)
  • Secure 'closed design' prevents accidental drowning
  • 1/4" thick, UV protected, new material polyethelyne plastic
  • Screened water intake port prevents insect and debris entry
  • Color - Moss Green or Terra Cotta

Rainwater and The Spruce Creek Rainsaver

In recent years, drought and stormwater issues have risen to new public awareness. Droughts have become frequent, and when rain arrives, excessive runoff overwhelms ditches, streams, rivers and estuaries. Housing and industrial developments now cover vast areas of land, preventing rainfall from soaking into the ground, while a growing population has increased our demand on water resources.

In developing the Rainsaver, Spruce Creek envisioned water conservation and runoff control as a two-part function of our product. Users are able to collect rain when it is abundant, and use it for watering flowers, gardens, trees and lawns - when it’s not. This puts the “runoff reservoir” right at the downspout, and reduces "public" water demand later in the year. By providing rainwater collection within developed areas, greater stormwater absorption can exist, decreasing the demand on streams and rivers, and creating a more natural environment.

An average roof (1000 sq. ft.) will collect over 650 gallons of water with just 1 inch of rainfall. So even a 1/8 inch rain thunderstorm, could refill an empty rain barrel. Once the Spruce Creek Rainsaver is full, a 1-1/4 inch overflow hose directs excess water to a desired soak area on the homeowners property - where excess water can be utilized (garden, flower beds, trees). By extending the overflow with 50-100 ft. lengths of perforated hose - near gardens, beds or lawns, users can create a trickle system where rainwater is gently dispersed into the ground.

Most homes have several downspouts to capture these available water resourses, and Rainsavers positioned around the home become convenient tools for garden and outdoor uses. While providing great function to the user, The Spruce Creek Rainsaver can also benefit the ecology of our environment.

Backed by a 5 Year Guarantee

The Spruce Creek Rainsaver is a premium quality rain barrel, built to withstand the harsh conditions of nature. If any damage occurs to your rainbarrel (as a result of natural conditions,) within 5 years, we will replace the damaged components, or the entire product.

Built with only the best materials, It's a full 1/4 inch thick. Formed from 20 pounds of UV protected, durable plastic, it will stand up to the forces of nature for years to come. A 5-Year Guarantee (includes winter freezing) stands behind this barrel's unmatched quality.