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Hudson Star Signature Mower

$2150 + $85 shipping

Out of Stock
Hudson Star Greensmowers have lower cutting heights than most reel mowers and will mow low enough for a putting green. The Signature is the powered version, if you are interested in a manual reel see the Hudson Star Classic Cut.
Hudson Star Signature Mower Series


"Because of the light weight we purchased a Signature Series Mower to mow in newly seeded greens. It did that and more. Great cuts!"

Larry P.
Country Club Superintendent

"Your mower provides fantastic cuts. I can now truly hone my golf game at home."

Brian F.

"With my old mower I couldn't mow any closer than 3/8". I can now cut down to 1/8" and it is so easy to adjust."

Lowell R.


Country Club grass in your own backyard

Battery assisted 24-volt DC system to power reel and motion.

Fully powered, the Signature Series offers all the features of the Classic Cut plus quicker mowing time and virtually no effort. The powerful, rechargeable unit affords manicured greens at the squeeze of the handle.

  • quiet
  • lightweight
  • rugged
  • easily maintained
  • a must for the golf enthusiast

Built Rugged to Exacting Specifications

  • Built with All Steel Frame with Collapsible Tubular Handle
  • All Steel Drive Train Guarded & Sealed
  • Sealed Bearings - No Lubrication Required
  • Professionally Coated Parts for Corrosion Resistance

Ideal for: Home Putting Greens, Croquet Courts, Lawn Bowling & Tennis, Golf Courses.

Hudson Star Signature Series Info

Technical Specs

  • 103 lbs.
  • Built with All Steel Frame
  • Collapsible Tubular Handle
  • All Steel Drive Train Guarded & Sealed
  • Assembled Utilizing Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Sealed Bearings - No Lubrication Required
  • Professionally Coated Parts for Corrosion Resistance
  • 11 blad reel, balanced & backlapped at the factory for 4/cuts per inch
  • recharge batteries in 3-4 hrs
  • operations/repair parts manual


Q: How much does the unit weigh?
A: The Classic Cut weighs 82 lbs. The Signature weighs 103 lbs.

Q: What is the cutting height range?
A: The cutting range for both units is 1/8" to 3/4". This allows for not only close golf course quality cuts, but allows trimming of fringe areas and tees as well.

Q: How hard is it to change cutting heights?
A: It is very easy. The full cutting height range is accessed by simply turning a single hand knob. There are no bolts or nuts to loosen or tighten. There is no adjustment from side to side.

Q: How many blades does the reel contain?
A: Both units are manufactured with an 11 blade reel. The reel is balanced and backlapped at the factory and gives approximately 4 cuts per inch.

Q: How easy is the Classic Cut to push?
A: Properly maintained, the Classic Cut is easy to push and can be used by women and even fairly young children. Conditions such as dull blades or excessively wet or tall grass will increase the force necessary and will effect the quality of cut.

Q: How often will sharpening be required?
A: Normally very infrequent. Conditions such as frequency of mowing cycles, condition of top soil, and frequency of top dressing can affect the condition of the blade. Both units come with a backlapping kit allowing the user to sharpen the cutting blades easily.

Q: Will the mowers catch grass clippings?
A: Yes! Clippings are collected in our unique molded catch can. The can "clips" on the front of the mower allowing quick and easy dumping and reattachment.

Q: How can I transport my mower from my garage to the green since I have to travel over concrete, asphalt, stones, rougher terrain, etc.?
A: Both mowers are manufactured with a unique multi-position handle assembly which allows the unit to be transformed into a transportation mode. Not only does it protect the cutting area of the mower, but it allows the unit to be used as a "smoothing" roller for the green.

Q: What about maintenance?
A: Under normal conditions little maintenance is required. All materials are powder-coated or manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials. All bearings are sealed and the drive-train is enclosed requiring no lubrication.

Q: How soon can a unit be shipped?
A: Normal shipping time is within 48 hours.

Q: Does the factory stock replacement parts?
A: Yes.

Q: Do the mowers come with a complete and detailed owners manual including identification of all replacement parts?
A: Yes!

Q: Should the mowers be cleaned after mowing?
A: Normally light spraying with a water hose and lightly coating with something similar to WD-40 is sufficient.

Q: Is the Signature Series fully powered?
A: Yes! Not only is the reel powered, but motion is powered also.

Q: How long will the Signature Series cut between charges?
A: Once fully charged, the unit will cut approximately 50-60 minutes before it will need to be recharged depending on the conditions of the green.

Q: Do the batteries need to be fully discharged prior to recharging?
A: No!

Q: How long does it take to recharge the unit?
A: 3-4 hours.

Q: Will the charger shut off automatically when fully charged?
A: Yes!

Q: What assembly is required when I receive the unit?
A: Simply bolt the handle in place. The mower is ready for the green.

Q: How long does it take to mow a green with these units?
A: Depending on the size and condition of the green, normal mowing time for most "home" greens would be approximately 10-20 minutes.


  • Rates vary per location. About $65 plus or minus would be the norm.
  • Normal shipping time is within 48 hours

Our 14th year. Over 38,000 Reel Mowers Sold
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