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Blue Link II Solar Panels

Clean Solar Energy - in less than 30 minutes!

Choose Your System ::

525 Watt System - $3,300 ($6.28/watt)


1050 Watt System - $6,468 ($6.16/watt)


2625 Watt System - $15,675 ($5.97/watt)


5250 Watt System - $29,700 ($5.66/watt)


26250 Watt System - $140,175 ($5.34/watt)

Easy Plug-in Solar Panels :: Clean, Renewable Energy by Solar Industry Veterans

Maine's Largest Solar Installation

Solar Array

Solar Market, manufacturer of Blue Link Solar, turned on Maine's largest utility interfaced solar energy system on January 29, 2010.

The new solar array is 2.5 times larger than previous systems installed in Maine and includes 638 solar panels that are 100% US Made.

Solar Market/Sun Gen of Arundel, Maine installed the 110KW system for the George R. Roberts Company/The Step Guys facility in Alfred, Maine.

Read the full Press Release

Why Blue Link Solar?

  • Solar Industry veterans with over 30 years experience designing and installing renewable energy systems.
  • A recognized industry leader.
  • Largest manufacturer of Photovoltaic rack systems in the United States.
  • Commitment to creating positive returns for society and the environment.
bluelink480 side view

What is a Grid-Tie System?

In the event you are not using electricity, or using less than the Blue Link II generates, Grid-tie systems sending energy back to your utility company's power grid. Since the energy you produce counts against the energy your home or business uses the utility company will be paying you to produce electricity for them!

bluelink480 rear view

How Does It Work?

Your solar panels will produce DC (Direct Current) electricity. This electricity will be run through an inverter to produce AC (Alternating Current) electricity. This energy is then run into your AC power panel, which feeds energy back to your utility companies power grid. If your solar power array produced enough electricity, your utility meter would begin to run backward!

bluelink components


What's New With Blue Link II?

  • Multiple installation options: Roof, Ground , or even lean against the building wall
  • Simple, Plug and Play on DC and AC side of the solar system
  • No more difficult than electric stove installation
  • Double pole 15 ampere load center feed to a junction box is all you need
  • Expandable from 525 watts
  • Micro-inverter for each panel with MPPT, increases the output by 5 to 15%

How Do Blue Link II Solar Panels Work?

  • Easy to Install :: Position the panels facing south, fold out the array, wire into a load center, flip the switch - that's all!
  • Solar Panels :: Convert sunlight directly into electricity.
  • Photovoltaic Technology : Proven and reliable, photovoltaic systems require no maintenance and the panels are predicted to last twice as long as their 25 year warranty
  • Inverter :: Converts the solar electricity (DC) into standard grid current (AC)
  • Grid Connection :: Blue Link II systems feed clean electricity into the grid at the building load center.

Blue Link II Solar Panel Info

bluelink960 dimensions
  • Rated Power : Expandable from 525 watts
  • Power Output : 120/240 VAC split phase pure sine wavepower works with all household appliances.
  • Standards : Meets or exceeds all applicable performance and safety standards for utility-intertied systems.
  • Pre-assembled and pre-packaged with everything you need to connect your home to affordable solar power.
  • Clean, renewable energy, decreases pollution from unsustainable fossil fuels.
  • No monthly fees and little or no maintenance.
  • No permenant installation - if you move just unplug it, fold it up and take it with you!
  • Year round usage - the Blue Link II is actually more efficient in the winter months.
  • Not using electricity? Blue Link II is a Grid-Tie system, so any excess electricity is sent back into your utility company's power grid. This means your utility company owes you a credit!



  • Tax Credits and Grants for solar power systems vary from state to state. For example, Maryland offers a $2,000.00 tax credit, and a grant up to $3,000.00 for Residential solar systems (up to $5,000.00 for Commercial).
  • To find incentives in your state go to

Pay Back Question

Capturing the full monetary value of solar power is difficult, which explains in a large part why more businesses and individuals aren't doing it. The most attractive benefits of Blue Link Solar Network are pollution reduction, using a renewable resource, supplying power during peak demand, and reducing strain on the utility grid. In addition, by increasing participation in and awareness of solar electricity, Blue Link Solar Network creates a virtuous circle that will reduce costs and other barriers so that more solar energy can benefit the country. Most of these positive externalities are not easily traded for money, although gradually this is changing.

What are the economic benefits associated with reducing acid rain, particulate pollution, or global warming - saving lives, medical costs, habitat, property, and ecosystems? Although the benefits are not easily quantified, it is clear that we need to invest in clean, renewable energy, if for no other reason than the cost of not doing so will be devastating.

Without considering any of these benefits, a Blue Link 480 located in the northeast U.S. will save about $80 per year in electricity. In the sunniest parts of the country or where utility rates are high, it might save $120 per year. Savings increase as electricity rates increase-over its 35 year expected life it is possible the system will pay for itself several times over. A few utility companies vary rates according to time of use, making solar electricity even more valuable as demand, rates, and solar production all peak at the same time.

In some areas of the country rebates or tax incentives for solar power decrease the initial cost. (Perhaps someday this will happen on a national level.) Go to to see what benefits are available for you.

A promising new market is developing for renewable energy credits, or REC's. REC's are tradable representations of the environmental and other benefits of renewable energy. Measured by the kilowatt-hour, REC's can be sold to utilities, businesses, or individuals. Blue Link Solar Network is launching a program to fund Blue Link systems for organizations our members select using donated REC's. Look for more details soon on the Network page.


  • 25 years for panels, 5 years for the balance of system.