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The Snowmaster Snowscoop


The Snowmaster SnowScoop™ wheels away snow faster and easier than any shovel!

"I want you to know that it does work and works well because I purchased the snowscoop the day before the Blizzard of 96 hit our town and dumped 21 inches of snow on our driveways, sidewalks, and streets. So snow shovels were in for a workout. I took the Snowscoop™ and in no time had my sidewalk, and driveway cleared of snow and had enough energy left to clear the sidewalks in front of six neighbors' homes..."

Thomas C. M.
Charleston, West Virginia


My staff and I have found that the scoop does a fantastic job of pushing the snow off our big sidewalks in downtown Minneapolis... and I have to tell you that people walk by and say, "Now, that's a clever idea"...and sort of marvel at the efficiency and ease of operating the "Snowscoop™." Many thanks!

Doris O.
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Snowscoop™ :: Moves Snow 3-5 Times Faster with Back-Saving Ease

Time and Energy Saving
Throw away your back-breaking shovel! The SnowScoop™ wheels away snow faster and easier than any shovel The Snowscoop™ wheel carries the weight and leverages the snow in such a way that it takes minimal effort to clear an area. It is so easy to use that almost any family member can effectively move large loads of snow without a problem.

Back Saving
The patented design of the Snowmaster Snowscoop™ reduces the stress on your back and over-exertion on the heart. The unique wheel design allows you to move snow 3 to 5 times faster than a typical shovel and is rated to carry up to 250 lbs.

Quality and Durablility
The Snowscoop is virtually indestructible. There is nothing to break, and the replaceable protector scraper should last for years. Satisfaction is guaranteed! For best results, you should use the Snowscoop™ in 4 or more inches of snow.


More Info About the Snowmaster Snow Scoop

  • Moves snow 3 to 5 times faster than a shovel
  • The wheel carries the load, not your back
  • Clears a 28-in. path each time you push it into wet, heavy snow
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Stores easily, hangs on the wall with two nails
  • Creates no noise or pollution
  • Safe - no blades, no gas, no electricity
  • Durable and nothing to break.
  • 56" long and 24" wide
  • clears a 28" path
  • 4" diameter wheel on the back that allows it to roll smoothly over any surface
  • patented wheel is rated to carry up to 250 lbs. and is non-marking.
  • made of a durable polyethylene plastic
  • weighs approximately 17 lbs.
  • orange with black trim
  • replaceable protector scraper lasts about 2 years

See What Customers are Saying...


  1. Will the Snowmaster™ work in deep snow

    Yes, we recommend that you remove it every 8 inches during the snowfall. It works better in deep snow and heavy wet snow. It handled 28" in Minneapolis 1991 storm, 9 inches at a time.

  2. Will the Snow Scoop work on dirt or gravel?

    On dirt or grass, yes. Gravel is a problem because the gravel tends to mix with the snow and the Snowscoop™ must be held so that it gets only the snow off the top.

  3. Will the Snowmaster™ break?

    No. We have never had one break. Polyethylene will become brittle below -45°. We have sold the Snowmaster Snowscoop™ in Alaska.

  4. Will the wheel hold up?

    Yes, it is rated to carry 250 lbs. It is a non-marking, American made, heavy duty wheel.

  5. How often should I replace the protector blade?

    For home use it should last a year or two. To avoid rust stains, do not store the Snowscoop™ blade on fabric or carpet after use.

  6. Is the Snowmaster™ guaranteed against defects?

    Yes, we will replace defective equipment.

A Little Company History: The Men Behind the SnowScoop

The Snowmaster Snowscoop™ is the ingenious invention of a father and son team Stephen L. Jenkins, Sr. and Stephen L. Jenkins, Jr. from Houston, Texas.

The evolution of this new snow removal equipment began when Steve Jr. moved to New Jersey. Soon after his arrival, Steve Jr. was taken by surprise when the state had a 7" snowfall. Being a native Texan, Steve Jenkins Jr. was ill-equipped for such weather, and while looking around for something to clear his 200 foot snow-covered driveway, Steve Jr. found an old kitchen door laying against the garage. Picking up the door, Steve Jr. began sliding the door down the driveway -- the 200 foot driveway was cleared in about 10 minutes. It was with this inventive spark and creative spirit, the Snowmaster Snowscoop™ was born.



  • The Snowmaster Snowscoop™ is guaranteed against defects. PPM warranties this product for 1 year.


  • Info coming soon

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