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Ecofan Airmax Model 812

  • Creates its own electricity from the heat of the stove
  • Increases your comfort
  • Moves air up to 150 CFM

$181.49 including shipping

Ecofan Airmax Model 812 :: Creates Its Own Electricity from the Heat of the Stove

How It Works

Ecofans generate their own electricity from the surface heat of your wood stove and circulate warm air throughout the room, increasing your comfort.

The base must make contact with a heat source of at least 150ºF (65°C) and the top of the fan must remain cool. The Ecofan needs to draw cooler air from behind in order to operate. The actual rotation of the blade as well as the cooler air and the heat source are the essential elements needed for the Ecofan to operate.


An Economical Way to Move Air Throughout Your Living Space

Creating its own electricity and pushing up to 150 cfm (cubic feet per minute) this fan is ideal for those living off the grid or looking to increase the efficiency of their stove and use less fuel.

  • Distribute heat throughout the home
  • Silent
  • Starts automatically, adjusts its speed with the surface temperature
  • 3 blades move 50% more air

Enjoy the Benefits

  • Greater comfort
  • Costs nothing to operate
  • Increased fuel efficiency


Ecofan Airmax Model 812 Info

Technical Specs

  • Colors Available: Black and Gold or Black and Nickel
  • Airflow: 150 CFM
  • Product Size: 4"(w) x 3"(l) x 9"(h)
  • Single Package Dimensions: 10.5"(w) x 5.5"(l) x 12.5"(h)
  • Weight of Single Package: 3.1 lbs
  • Dual Heat Controllers in the base to help prevent overheating
  • Power Supply: Thermoelectric Module
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Warranty: One year


Q:How do I use an ecofan?
A:Simply place your Ecofan on the top of your stove*, away from the chimney pipe, allowing the back of your fan to have access to cooler, room temperature air. The thermoelectric modules require a temperature difference to create the electricity needed to operate the fanís motor. *Not recommended for wood or gas stove inserts

Q:Where should I place my Ecofan?
A:Be sure to position the Ecofan on a smooth flat surface on your stovetop near the side or back of the stove where cooler air can be drawn from behind and over the cooling fins. Do not place your Ecofan in the center of the stove, in front of the stovepipe or at the front of the stove.

Q:What temperature does the surface need to reach in order to operate?
A:The Ecofan will start to rotate once the base of the fan has reached a temperature of 150°F (65°C).

Q:What is the recommended surface temperature of the stove?
A:The optimal running temperature of the Ecofan Original and Ecofan Airplus for woodstoves, is the same as the recommended safe operating temperatures of wood stoves between 450°F to 600°F (205°C to 345°C). Relocate your Ecofan to a cooler spot if your stovetop exceeds 650°F (345°C). Operating above the recommended temperature may be hazardous due to excessive blade speed.

Q:What will void my warranty?
A: Caframo will warranty any product bought through a recognized retailer. Products bought through individuals or on-line auctions have no warranty. The warranty does not cover abnormal wear or damages resulting from accident, misuse, abuse or, if applicable, breakage (when such breakage is not due to a manufacturing defect) and any other incidental or consequential damages. Simply put -If you overheat your fan or drop your fan your warranty will be voided.

Q:How do I know if my stove is too hot?
A: We recommend the use of a stove top thermometer to ensure good stove saftey. For wood stove Ecofans, Ecofan Original and Ecofan Airplus; the heat sensitive spring on the base of the fan will gently tilt the fan as your stove's temperature increases to help protect it from overheating. Relocate your Ecofan to a cooler spot on your stove if the surface temperature exceeds 650°F (345°C).

Q:Can I use the Ecofan on a fireplace?
A: Unfortunately no, the Ecofan generates its own electricity through temperature differential. The base must make contact with a heat source of at least 150°F and the top of the fan must remain cooler. The Ecofan needs to draw cooler air from behind in order to operate.

Q:Can I use the Ecofan on a fireplace insert?
A: Yes, but placement is key. Again the fan needs to draw cooler air from behind to operate and the surface on which the Ecofan Original or Ecofan Airplus is placed should never exceed 650° (345°C).

Q:How should I store my Ecofan during the off-season?
A: Once the Ecofan is placed properly on your woodstove there is no need to move it. We recommend leaving it in its position on top of the stove year round. If you want to remove it for any reason, please take care to store it in a location where it cannot be knocked over or dropped.

Q:What is the warranty on the Ecofan?
A: All Ecofan models carry a one-year warranty.

Q:What type of maintenance if any will my Ecofan require?
A: The Ecofans have been designed to operate maintenance free. If you would like to clean your Ecofan, use a detergent free cloth to wipe down the extrusions.

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