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Easun Owners Say It Best :: Testimonials


Thanks so much...

David i just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased i am with the mower,it does a great job on my yard and is easy to use. Thanks so much for selling a great product.
-James Cheek

After cutting the grass about 8 times...I thought I would report back

Hi Dave,
After cutting the grass about 8 times with my Ideal 40, I thought I would report back. The machine is still working great as expected. I have always cut the grass in a different direction each time and continue to do so as you instructed. The cleaning with a good silicon spray is also a good idea. I found Liquid Wrench makes a great silicon spray and is available at my local Advanced Auto Parts store. I'll have to say I continue to prefer the sound of the Ideal over the snapper. Something about the sound of good machinery. The neighbors never know when I cut the grass. The yard continues to look great. I cut it about every 5-6 days, never on Tuesday or Thursday.

One of my reasons for purchasing a push reel mower was to get a little additional exercise each week. This past weekend I decided to run the numbers and see just how much exercise I was getting. As I stated in a previous email, I do a little bit of cycling. One thing I have appreciated is that cutting with the Ideal 40 keeps my legs loosened up between bike rides. I monitor my bicycle rides with a heart rate monitor and while not an exact science, the monitoring does provide a good comparison from ride to ride to see how I am doing. For the record, I'm 54 years old and weigh around 152 lbs. On a Tuesday or Thursday night group ride I will typically burn between 900 and 1,200 calories on a 25 mile one hour and twenty minute ride, depending on who's serving up the suffering.  

Now for my mowing experiment: 
Here is the yard, front, back and some along the road at the top of the hill adds up to a little more than 7,000 square feet of grass. A typical late summer bermuda grass yard in need of one more bag of fertilizer. 
Conditions: 89 degrees, 85% humidity. 

Right tools for the right job. Road bike fresh off a 75 mile Saturday morning ride. The Easun Ideal 40 patiently waiting it's turn.

Now the results:

  • Time spent cutting the grass at a relaxed pace: 45 minutes
  • Average heart rate: 130
  • Calories burned: 364
  • Calories burned per minute cutting grass: 8.1
  • Calories burned per minute riding bicycle on Tuesday or Thursday at around 1,000 calories for 80 min.: 12.5

It looks like I play harder than I work. Don't tell the wife, she thinks I'm suffering out in the heat cutting grass. She gets so much entertainment out of sitting on the porch under the fan with the dog watching me walk back in forth, I would hate to spoil it for her. They come out of the shade occasionally and wander out into the yard to visit me. I try to make it look like work.
-David Jones
Sharpsburg, GA

My Lawn and I Were Both Pleased

Spring sprang for us in the Great Northwest this weekend. My lawn and I were both pleased to have the new Easun NaturCut mower. Had to raise the deck for the first pass of the season, but am eager to drop it down over the next couple of mowings. Having used an old Great States mower for several years now I am very pleased with many aspects of the new Easun NaturCut: light weight is nice, fine cutting, ease of adjustment & assembly, reel engaged by both wheels!, bearing mounted reel spins easily, and last but not least it is so quiet I almost forgot to mention it. I look forward to many years of enjoyable mowing. Thanks for selling such a good product.

Additionally, I wanted to thank you personally for the obvious effort you put into your business. It is not every day that the owner of a business replies to requests for UPS tracking numbers. From one small business owner to another it is great to know there are others out there rolling up their sleeves and getting things done.
-Jim Parks

I Could Not Call Pushing the Ideal 40 Work

I received my Easun Ideal 40 on Saturday and had to give it a try. After a fast 65 mile morning bike ride the legs were a little tired, but hey, I had a new toy that needed to be tried. This was going to be my worst case test. The temperature was in the low 90's with humidity to match. Just another typical summer day in Georgia. I had not cut the bermuda grass since the last weekend and with a week of on again and off again rain had grown up to about 2.5-3 inches.

I just took the mower out of the box, put it and the grass catcher together and with no adjustments started cutting I also decided to go up and down the hill to add additional adventure to the afternoon. I was amazed at how easy it was to push. Even up the hill was not requiring the effort I was expecting. The grass catcher need some additional zip ties to make it work like I wanted, but that was the only thing that slowed me down. My 75 year old Yankee neighbor from across the street saw what was going on and had to come over and check it out. I knew he was just itching to give it a push, but I didn't offer. There was only so much grass to cut and I wasn't in a mood to share. I can tell you now that he will be borrowing it shortly. I just know Bob, he will have to give it a try. I give him until this weekend.

Any way the grass looked great. I could not call pushing the Ideal 40 work. I have done work several times in my life, this was not it. It will be even easier to cut the grass the next time. I also noticed that the reel mower did not lift up the bermuda runners and cut them off which is a good thing. Maybe now those couple of small bald spots will fill in. Oh yea, the neighbors will no longer know when it is Sunday afternoon because they will not hear my industrial grade Snapper. I have to ware ear plugs when using it.

Thanks agin for answering all my questions over the past couple of weeks.
-David Jones
Sharpsburg, GA

I Love the Ideal Mower

First of all, let me tell you that I love the ideal mower and the way it cuts bermuda grass and how easy it is to handle. The quality of this product is excellent. I am happy with your quick delivery and responses to all my questions. Thanks again.
-Steve Mallory

Best overall machine...

I have used a variety of push reel mowers over the past two decades and can easily say that the NaturCut Classic HD is the best overall machine for cutting many lawn types under imperfect conditions .... .... so I took my Naturcut Classic HD mower up to the bog in Muskoka, put it through the 'torture test' and it out-performed other brands for durability and ease of use.
-Gregg T.